List of Laravel Artisan Make Commands

List of Laravel Artisan Make Commands

Laravel provides various Artisan commands under the make: namespace which allows creating empty controllers, models, listeners, providers and many other types of classes. This means that we don't need to manually create the files and write repetitive code.

We can execute the following command to get a list of the Artisan make commands:

php artisan list make

Some of the Artisan make commands have arguments and options. We can check them with the --help option:

php artisan make:provider --help

Artisan make commands are summarized in the following table:

No.CommandUsed to createAvailable since
1.make:castCustom Eloquent cast class7.10.0
2.make:channelChannel class5.6.0
3.make:commandArtisan command5.0.0*
4.make:componentView component class7.0.0
5.make:controllerController class5.0.0*
6.make:eventEvent class5.0.0
7.make:exceptionCustom exception class5.5.14
8.make:factoryModel factory5.5.0
9.make:jobNew job class5.1.0
10.make:listenerEvent listener class5.1.0
11.make:mailEmail class5.3.0
12.make:middlewareMiddleware class5.0.0
13.make:migrationMigration file5.0.0*
14.make:modelEloquent model class5.0.0
15.make:notificationNotification class5.3.0
16.make:observerObserver class5.6.24
17.make:policyPolicy class5.1.11
18.make:providerService provider class5.0.0
19.make:requestForm request class5.0.0
21.make:ruleValidation rule5.5.0
22.make:seederSeeder class5.1.0
23.make:testTest class5.1.17

* Command under the make: namespace available since Laravel 5.0.0. Previously, command was available with different namespace.

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