XML-RPC Extension Has Been Moved to PECL in PHP 8.0

XML-RPC is a protocol that allows to call function or procedure on remote system. XML-RPC uses XML format to define requests and HTTP protocol to send them.

In versions prior to PHP 8.0, the XML-RPC extension was included in PHP core. This extension was not widely used and it was marked as experimental. Since 8.0, the XML-RPC extension has been moved to PECL and it is no longer included in PHP core. PECL is a repository that stores various PHP extensions.

If project uses PHP 8.0 or later and it requires XML-RPC extension, make sure that composer.json file has ext-xmlrpc in the require section. Composer will check if an extension is available in the system.

  "require": {
    "php": "^8.0",
    "ext-xmlrpc": "*"

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