Change Dock Icon Size on Ubuntu

Change Dock Icon Size on Ubuntu

The Ubuntu dock, a central element of the GNOME desktop environment, provides a convenient way to access favorite and running applications. While its default settings are functional, users may want to personalize the appearance of the dock, including adjusting the icon size for a more tailored desktop experience. This tutorial shows how to change dock icon size on Ubuntu.

The gsettings is a command line tool that allows users to interact with the GSettings configuration system on a GNOME-based system. Run the following command to change dock icon size:

gsettings set dash-max-icon-size 26

The is the schema or path to the configuration setting within the GSettings system.

The dash-max-icon-size is the specific configuration key within the Dash to Dock extension schema. It controls the maximum size of icons displayed on the Ubuntu dock.

The command adjusts the maximum icon size to 26 pixels. Experiment with different values based on preference.

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