There is no standard way to determine version of an installed program. Most of the programs allows to check their version via command line with --version option. This post presents methods how to check version of various programs via command line. A list of programs will be updated in the future.

Programming languages

No.ProgramCheck version
1.Javajava --version (since Java 9)
java -version
2.PHPphp --version
php -v
3.Pythonpython --version
python -V

Runtime environments

No.ProgramCheck version
1.Node.jsnode --version
node -v

Package managers

No.ProgramCheck version
1.Composercomposer --version
composer -V
2.npmnpm --version
npm -v
3.Yarnyarn --version
yarn -v

Version control

No.ProgramCheck version
1.Gitgit --version

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