Check Installed Program Version via Command Line

There is no standard way to determine version of an installed program. Most of the programs allows to check their version via command line with --version option. This post presents methods how to check version of various programs via command line. A list of programs will be updated in the future.

Programming languages

No.ProgramCheck version
1.Javajava --version (since Java 9)
java -version
2.PHPphp --version
php -v
3.Pythonpython --version
python -V

Runtime environments

No.ProgramCheck version
1.Node.jsnode --version
node -v

Package managers

No.ProgramCheck version
1.Composercomposer --version
composer -V
2.npmnpm --version
npm -v
3.Yarnyarn --version
yarn -v

Version control

No.ProgramCheck version
1.Gitgit --version

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