Create Group in Linux

Create Group in Linux

In Linux system, a group is a collection of users which have the same permissions on files and directories. When working as system administrator, might need to create a group. This tutorial shows how to do that in Linux.

Create group

The groupadd command can be used for creating a groups. For example, run the following command to create a new group named test-group:

sudo groupadd test-group

By default, if the group already exist, command prints error. The -f option can be used to make the command exit successfully if the specified group already exist.

sudo groupadd -f test-group

Verify that group is created:

cat /etc/group | grep -w test-group

Create group with specific GID

Each group is identified by unique identifier known as group ID or GID. GID is automatically assigned to group when it created. The -g option can be used to create a group with a specific GID.

sudo groupadd -g 1100 test-group

Command prints error if a group already exist with the given GID.

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