Dual LED Flasher Using 555 Timer

This post presents circuit for blinking two LEDs alternatively. Circuit is based on 555 timer which is used in astable mode. In this mode the output is generated in the form of a square wave. This means that output cycles on and off repeatedly.


1.Power supply (5V – 10V) 1
2.555 timer1
3.1kΩ resistor3
4.100kΩ resistor1
5.10μF electrolytic capacitor1
6.10nF ceramic capacitor1

Circuit diagram

The values of R1, R2 resistors, and C1 capacitor affects the blinking rate of the LEDs.

Dual LED Flasher Using 555 Timer (Circuit Diagram)

Designed circuit

Circuit is designed on a breadboard.

Dual LED Flasher Using 555 Timer (Designed Circuit)

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