Embed Python Header in Qt by Resolving Keyword Conflict

Embed Python Header in Qt by Resolving Keyword Conflict

When integrating Python with Qt, developers often encounter conflicts due to reserved keywords. One such conflict arises with Qt's use of slots, which clashes with the declaration of the slots member of the PyType_Spec struct in the Python API. Disabling keywords like signals, slots, and emit might solve the problem, but it could be problematic for big Qt projects. However, there's a better solution. This tutorial shows how to embed Python header in Qt by resolving keyword conflict.

To resolve slots conflict, replace every occurrence of #include <Python.h> with the following block:

#pragma push_macro("slots")
#undef slots
#include <Python.h>
#pragma pop_macro("slots")

By encapsulating the inclusion of Python.h within this block, we temporarily remove the conflict with Qt's slots keyword. We restore the original definition of slots using pragma macro. This ensures that our Qt code remains intact while integrating Python.

This approach offers a clean and efficient solution, allowing developers to leverage both Qt and Python functionalities without compromise.

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