Install iotop on Ubuntu 20.04

Install iotop on Ubuntu 20.04

The iotop is a tool for monitoring I/O usage by each process via command line. This tool shows read and write speeds of a storage device, the percentage of time the process spent waiting for I/O, and other metrics.

This tutorial shows how to install iotop on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install iotop

Run the following command to update the package lists:

sudo apt update

Install iotop:

sudo apt install -y iotop

When installation is completed, we can check version of iotop:

iotop --version

Testing iotop

Execute the iotop command without any arguments to check I/O usage by each process:

sudo iotop
I/O usage monitoring with iotop on Ubuntu

Press CTRL+C to quit iotop.

Uninstall iotop

If you decided to completely remove iotop, run the following command:

sudo apt purge --autoremove -y iotop

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