Install Onefetch on Ubuntu 20.04

Install Onefetch on Ubuntu 20.04

Onefetch is a command line tool for displaying Git repository summary such as project name, version, authors, license, programming languages that are used to create project, and more.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install Onefetch on Ubuntu 20.04.

Prepare environment

Make sure you have installed Git in your system. You can read post how to install it.

Install Onefetch

Execute the following command to download tar.gz file from releases page of the Onefetch repository:

sudo wget -qO onefetch.tar.gz

Extract a tar.gz file to /usr/local/bin directory.

sudo tar xf onefetch.tar.gz -C /usr/local/bin

Now onefetch command will be available for all users.

We can check Onefetch version with command:

onefetch --version

Remove tar.gz file because no longer needed it:

rm -rf onefetch.tar.gz

Testing Onefetch

For testing purpose clone the Onefetch repository:

git clone onefetch-src

Now execute onefetch command and provide path of the repository:

onefetch onefetch-src

You will get information about repository.

Get Git repository information using Onefetch on Ubuntu

You can also output information in JSON format using -o option.

onefetch -o json onefetch-src

Part of the output:

  "repoName": "onefetch",
  "numberOfTags": 29,
  "numberOfBranches": 1,
  "filesCount": 128,
  "license": "MIT"

Uninstall Onefetch

If you decided to remove Onefetch, just delete executable file:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/onefetch

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