Install TLDR on Raspberry Pi

Install TLDR on Raspberry Pi

Man pages is one of the ways to get information about commands on Unix-like operating systems. However, man pages are often too long or too complicated for learning. TLDR (Too long; didn't read) pages are collection of help pages for command line tools. TLDR pages provides most common and practical usage examples of commands.

There are many clients that allows to access TLDR pages. Node.js based command line client for TLDR is the official and one of the most popular. This tutorial shows how to install Node.js client for TLDR on Raspberry Pi.

Prepare environment

Connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH and make sure you have installed Node.js and npm. You can read separate post how to install them.

Install TLDR client

Execute the following command to install Node.js client for TLDR:

sudo npm install -g tldr

Once installation is completed, we can check version:

tldr --version

Testing TLDR client

Run the tldr and provide a command name as argument using the following syntax:

tldr <COMMAND>

Here is example to get TLDR page for mkdir command:

tldr mkdir
TLDR page for mkdir command using Node.js client on Raspberry Pi

Node.js client downloads TLDR pages and stores them in the local cache. We can update the local cache with command:

tldr -u

Use -c argument to clear the local cache:

tldr -c

Uninstall TLDR client

You can completely remove Node.js client for TLDR using the following command:

sudo npm uninstall -g tldr

You can delete the local cache too:

rm -rf ~/.tldr

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