Install whowatch on Raspberry Pi

Install whowatch on Raspberry Pi

The whowatch is a command line tool that enables to monitor users and processes. This tool displays the currently logged in users and information about them such as login name, home directory, UUID, GID, etc. Also whowatch allows to select a particular user and view his processes tree.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install whowatch on Raspberry Pi.

Connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH and execute the following commands to update the package lists and install whowatch:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y whowatch

Now simply type the whowatch command:

View currently logged in users with whowatch on Raspberry Pi

As we can see the pi user is currently logged in via SSH.

We can view information of a particular user. Navigate through list with up and down arrows. Highlight the user and press d key to see information about him.

View information about user with whowatch on Raspberry Pi

Press d key once again to quit details window.

To view user's processes tree, highlight the user and press Enter key.

View user's processes tree with whowatch on Raspberry Pi

Press Enter key once again to return to user list.

Press CTRL+C to exit the whowatch.

If you want to completely remove whowatch and related dependencies, run the following command:

sudo apt purge --autoremove -y whowatch

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