Electronic Coin Toss Using 555 Timer

Electronic Coin Toss Using 555 Timer

This post presents circuit of electronic coin toss also known as coin flip circuit or heads or tails circuit. When the push-button is pressed, the LEDs will start blinking fast. One of the LEDs will stay to light up when the push-button is released. Circuit is based on 555 timer that works in astable mode to generate the output in the form of a square wave.


Use two different colored LEDs. For example, the red LED for heads and the green LED for tails.

1.Power supply (9V) 1
2.555 timer1
3.470Ω resistor2
4.1kΩ resistor1
5.100kΩ resistor1
6.1μF electrolytic capacitor1
7.10nF ceramic capacitor1
9.Momentary push-button switch1

Circuit diagram

The blinking rate of the LEDs depends on the values of R1, R2 resistors, and C1 capacitor.

Electronic Coin Toss Using 555 Timer (Circuit Diagram)

Designed circuit

Circuit is designed on a breadboard.

Electronic Coin Toss Using 555 Timer (Designed Circuit)

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