Install Darkstat on Raspberry Pi

Install Darkstat on Raspberry Pi

Darkstat is a network traffic monitoring tool. It captures network traffic and calculates statistics. Darkstat provides web interface to view traffic graphs and reports.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install Darkstat on Raspberry Pi.

Install Darkstat

Connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH. Update the package lists and install Darkstat with commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y darkstat

We can check Darkstart version as follows:

darkstat --version

Now we need to configure Darkstat. Open the main configuration file:

sudo nano /etc/darkstat/init.cfg

Search START_DARKSTAT option and change value from no to yes. By default, Darkstat listens traffic on eth0 interface. It can be provided using INTERFACE option. Run the following command if you want to get a list of all available network interfaces:

ip addr show

The following options has been changed in the configuration file:


INTERFACE="-i wlan0"

To apply changes restart Darkstart service:

sudo service darkstat restart

We can check service status as follows:

sudo service darkstat status

We can stop and start the Darkstat service with commands:

sudo service darkstat stop
sudo service darkstat start

Testing Darkstat

Get IP address of the Raspberry Pi:

hostname -I

By default, Darkstat listens on port 667.

Open a browser and access a web interface by going to URL http://<IP_ADDRESS>:667, where <IP_ADDRESS> is IP address of Raspberry Pi.

Traffic graphs provided by Darkstat on Raspberry Pi

Uninstall Darkstat

If you wish to completely remove Darkstat and related dependencies, execute the following command:

sudo apt purge --autoremove -y darkstat

You can also remove the statistics:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/darkstat

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