Install hexcurse on Raspberry Pi

Install hexcurse on Raspberry Pi

The hexcurse is a hex editor that allows to open, edit, and save files via command line. The content of a file is represented in hexadecimal and ASCII forms.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install hexcurse on Raspberry Pi.

Connect to Raspberry Pi via SSH and run the following commands to update the package lists and install hexcurse:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y hexcurse

When the installation is completed, we can view usage information and version of hexcurse with the following command:

hexcurse -help

For testing purpose, we create a simple text file:

echo "Hello world" > test.txt

Now we can open a file with hexcurse as follows:

hexcurse test.txt

The content of a file is represented in two areas: hexadecimal and ASCII. You can edit the hexadecimal value of each byte in the file. After you have finished editing, press CTRL+Q to quit hexcurse. It will ask to save a file. Press a key y to save a file.

hexcurse usage on Raspberry Pi

If you decided to completely remove hexcurse, execute the following command:

sudo apt purge --autoremove -y hexcurse

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