Install lsof on Ubuntu 22.04

Install lsof on Ubuntu 22.04

The lsof is a command line tool for showing information about files that are currently opened by various processes running on the system. It can be a regular file, directory, block device, network socket, named pipe, etc.

This tutorial shows how to install lsof on Ubuntu 22.04.

Install lsof

Update the package lists:

sudo apt update

Run the following command to install lsof:

sudo apt install -y lsof

Check lsof version:

lsof -v

Testing lsof

To get a list of all files that opened by processes, run the lsof command without any arguments:

sudo lsof

The -c option can be used to specify process name to retrieve a list of files that opened by a specific process.

sudo lsof -c ssh

To get a list of files that opened by processes owned by a specific user, use -u option followed by username.

sudo lsof -u adminer

Output example:

Show opened files by processes owned by user using lsof on Ubuntu

Uninstall lsof

If lsof is no longer required, remove it using the following command:

sudo apt purge --autoremove -y lsof

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