Get Current Bundle Configuration Using Console Command in Symfony 7

Get Current Bundle Configuration Using Console Command in Symfony 7

Symfony empowers developers with a rich set of tools and features to build scalable and maintainable applications. One of the key aspects of Symfony is its powerful configuration system, allowing developers to fine-tune various bundles according to their project requirements. In Symfony, exploring and understanding the current configuration of a bundle becomes even more straightforward with the use of console command. This tutorial shows how to get current bundle configuration using console command in Symfony 7.

Symfony provides the debug:config command, which allows getting the current configuration for a given bundle. Suppose you're looking to retrieve the present configuration details of the SecurityBundle:

php bin/console debug:config SecurityBundle

This command outputs a structured overview of the SecurityBundle configuration values used by the application.

Here's a snippet from the output, illustrating an example:

            algorithm: auto
            migrate_from: {  }
            hash_algorithm: sha512
            key_length: 40
            ignore_case: false
            encode_as_base64: true
            iterations: 5000
            cost: null
            memory_cost: null
            time_cost: null
                users: {  }

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