Install btop++ on Ubuntu 22.04

Install btop++ on Ubuntu 22.04

The btop++ is a tool for monitoring system resources and running processes via command line. This tool shows CPU, RAM, disk, and network usage. The btop++ is written using C++ programming language.

This tutorial shows how to install btop++ on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install btop++

Download archive file from releases page of the btop++ repository.

wget -qO btop.tbz

Extract btop executable file from archive:

sudo tar xf btop.tbz --strip-components=2 -C /usr/local ./btop/bin/btop

Now btop command can be used for all users.

We can check version of btop++ as follows:

btop --version

Archive file is no longer needed, remove it:

rm -rf btop.tbz

Testing btop++

We can run btop++ by simply executing:

System resources and processes monitoring using btop on Ubuntu

Press CTRL+C to exit btop++.

Uninstall btop++

If btop++ is no longer necessary, just remove an executable file:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/btop

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