Install Siege on Raspberry Pi

Install Siege on Raspberry Pi

Siege is an open-source tool for HTTP load testing and benchmarking. It allows to test web application by sending specified number of user requests simultaneously.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install Siege on Raspberry Pi.

Install Siege

Use SSH to connect to Raspberry Pi. Make sure the package lists are up-to-date:

sudo apt update

Install Siege:

sudo apt install -y siege

Once installation is completed, we can check Siege version:

siege --version

Testing Siege

The siege command can be used in many ways. The following command allows to perform a load testing for provided website URL:

siege -t 10S -c 50

Command sends 50 user requests simultaneously for 10 seconds to the server. Example of test results:

{       "transactions":                        10339,
        "availability":                       100.00,
        "elapsed_time":                         9.26,
        "data_transferred":                    43.33,
        "response_time":                        0.04,
        "transaction_rate":                  1116.52,
        "throughput":                           4.68,
        "concurrency":                         49.41,
        "successful_transactions":             10339,
        "failed_transactions":                     0,
        "longest_transaction":                  0.11,
        "shortest_transaction":                 0.02

Uninstall Siege

If you decided to completely remove Siege, use the following command:

sudo apt purge --autoremove -y siege

Siege configuration directory can be removed as well:

rm -rf ~/.siege

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