Install wuzz on Raspberry Pi

Install wuzz on Raspberry Pi

The wuzz is a tool that allows to inspect HTTP requests interactively via command line. User can provide URL, params, HTTP method, request headers and data in different sections. HTTP request is send to server and returned response headers and body displayed in corresponding sections.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install wuzz on Raspberry Pi.

Install wuzz

Use SSH to connect to Raspberry Pi. Run the following command to download the latest executable file of wuzz from GitHub:

sudo wget -qO /usr/local/bin/wuzz

Next, set execute permission:

sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/wuzz

Now wuzz command will be available for all users.

We can check version of wuzz:

wuzz --version

Testing wuzz

Execute wuzz command and give URL as argument to start HTTP inspection.


We can specify URL params, request headers, etc. Press Tab key if you want to move to next section or Shift+Tab to move to previous section. URL can be modified as well. Request can be send by pressing CTRL+R or Enter (only from URL section). To exit wuzz, press CTRL+C.

HTTP inspection using wuzz on Raspberry Pi

Uninstall wuzz

If you want to remove wuzz, delete executable file:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/wuzz

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