Get All Disk Partitions on Windows

Get All Disk Partitions on Windows

Managing disk partitions is an essential aspect of maintaining a Windows operating system. Whether you need to check available partitions, resize them, or create new ones, having a good understanding of the system's storage layout is important. This tutorial explains how to get all disk partitions on Windows.

PowerShell provides a command called Get-Partition that allows retrieving detailed information about all disk partitions on the Windows computer.

Use the Get-Partition command without any arguments to retrieve information about all partitions on all disks.


Here's an example of the output you might see when you run the command:

   DiskPath: \\?\scsi#disk&ven_nvme&prod_samsung_ssd_990#4&3624ca1&0&000000#{XXXXXX-XXXX-...}

PartitionNumber  DriveLetter Offset                          Size Type
---------------  ----------- ------                          ---- ----
1                           1048576                        100 MB System
2                           105906176                       16 MB Reserved
3                C          122683392                      200 GB Basic
4                D          214875242496                  1.62 TB Basic

It is also possible to get all partitions on the specified disk only. For example, the following command retrieves all partitions located on disk number 0:

Get-Partition –DiskNumber 0

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