Get Configuration Settings using Composer

Get Configuration Settings using Composer

In the web development, managing configuration settings efficiently is crucial for building robust and flexible applications. Composer not only helps manage project dependencies but also provides a straightforward way to handle configuration settings and view them. This tutorial demonstrates how to get configuration settings using Composer.

Global configuration settings in Composer apply system-wide, affecting all projects that use Composer on the machine. To get global configuration settings, use the composer config command with the --list and --global option.

composer config --list --global

Here's an example of the output you might see when running the command:

[] composer
[process-timeout] 300
[use-include-path] false
[use-parent-dir] prompt
[preferred-install] dist
[notify-on-install] true
[github-protocols] [https, ssh]

To view configuration settings for a specific project, navigate to the directory of the PHP project that uses Composer. Then use composer config command with --list option.

composer config --list

After executing the command, Composer will output a list of the configuration settings of the current project.

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