Install yq on Raspberry Pi

Install yq on Raspberry Pi

The yq is a command line based YAML processor which can be used to manipulate and extract values from YAML data.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install yq on Raspberry Pi.

Install yq

Use SSH to connect to Raspberry Pi. Run the following command to download the latest executable file of yq from GitHub:

sudo wget -qO /usr/local/bin/yq

Set execute permission:

sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/yq

Now yq command can be used for all users as a system-wide command.

We can check version of yq:

yq --version

Testing yq

Create test.yaml file:

printf "status: success\ndata:\n  - name: John\n    age: 25\n  - name: James\n    age: 29" > test.yaml

The yq allows to use expression to filter YAML data. Each different part in expression is separated by a dot (.). For example, the following command outputs unmodified YAML:

yq e '.' test.yaml


status: success
  - name: John
    age: 25
  - name: James
    age: 29

Particular value in YAML data can be retrieved as follows:

yq e '.data[1].name' test.yaml



Uninstall yq

If you wish to remove yq, delete executable file:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/yq

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