2 Methods to Get File Size in Bytes on Windows

2 Methods to Get File Size in Bytes on Windows

When working with files on Windows, it's often useful to quickly obtain information about their size, especially when dealing with storage constraints or data management tasks. Knowing the precise size of a file in bytes becomes particularly critical in scenarios where storage optimization is important, or when making informed decisions about data transfers and backups. This tutorial provides 2 methods how to get file size in bytes on Windows.

Method 1 - CMD

Open Command Prompt (CMD) and run the following command to retrieve file size in bytes:

for %I in ("test.txt") do @echo %~zI

This command uses the for loop to iterate over the specified file and prints its size in bytes. The %~zI syntax extracts the size information.

Method 2 - PowerShell

PowerShell, a more advanced scripting environment, offers a concise method to retrieve file size. Open PowerShell and execute the following command:

(Get-Item "test.txt").Length

The command uses the Get-Item cmdlet to obtain file information, and Length is then used to retrieve the size in bytes.

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