2 Methods to Get Motherboard Name on Windows

2 Methods to Get Motherboard Name on Windows

The computer's motherboard is the central component that connects all the hardware components and allows them to communicate with each other. Knowing the exact model of the motherboard can be essential for various tasks such as updating drivers, troubleshooting hardware issues, or checking compatibility for hardware upgrades. This tutorial provides 2 methods how to get motherboard name on Windows.

Method 1 - CMD

Run the following wmic command to retrieve the product name of the motherboard:

wmic baseboard get Product | find /v "Product"

Here is an example of what the output might look like:

MEG Z790 ACE (MS-7D86)

Method 2 - PowerShell

In the PowerShell window, use the Get-WmiObject cmdlet to get the Product property of the Win32_BaseBoard class.

(Get-WmiObject Win32_BaseBoard).Product

It uses WMI to get the product name of the motherboard and returns the result.

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