2 Methods to Get Motherboard Manufacturer on Windows

2 Methods to Get Motherboard Manufacturer on Windows

Identifying the motherboard manufacturer on a Windows system is essential for various hardware-related tasks. Whether you're troubleshooting technical issues, exploring hardware upgrades, or conducting system diagnostics, knowing the motherboard manufacturer is a vital piece of information. This tutorial provides 2 methods how to get motherboard manufacturer on Windows.

Method 1 - CMD

Utilize wmic command to access the motherboard manufacturer:

wmic baseboard get Manufacturer | find /v "Manufacturer"

Here's a sample of how the output could look:

Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.

Method 2 - PowerShell

In the PowerShell window, utilize the Get-WmiObject cmdlet to retrieve the Manufacturer property within the Win32_BaseBoard class:

(Get-WmiObject Win32_BaseBoard).Manufacturer

When this command is executed, it fetches and displays the manufacturer of the motherboard installed on the system.

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