Install htop on Ubuntu 20.04

Install htop on Ubuntu 20.04

The htop is a tool for monitoring system resources and a running processes via command line. It allows to view a summary of system information such as CPU and RAM usage, uptime, average system load, the total number of processes, etc. The htop offers an additional set of features when compared with top command. The htop provides colorful output, user interaction using the mouse and keyboard, allows to perform tasks related to processes (killing, renicing), etc.

This tutorial demonstrates how to install htop on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install htop

Update the package lists:

sudo apt update

Execute the following command to install htop:

sudo apt install -y htop

When installation is completed, we can check htop version:

htop --version

Testing htop

Run the htop command without any arguments:

System resources and processes monitoring using htop on Ubuntu

Press CTRL+C to quit htop.

Uninstall htop

If you wish to completely remove htop, use the following command:

sudo apt purge --autoremove -y htop

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