Search Docker Images in Docker Hub

Search Docker Images in Docker Hub

Docker Hub is a cloud-based repository of Docker images, in which users can create, test, and store images that can be downloaded by other communities. Most of the time, required images are searched in official site of Docker Hub. It is also possible to search Docker images in Docker Hub via command line. This tutorial shows how to do that.

The docker search command can be used to search images by name in the Docker Hub. For example, run the following command to search images named ubuntu:

docker search ubuntu

An example of part of the output:

NAME                             DESCRIPTION                                     STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
ubuntu                           Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux operating sys…   15215     [OK]
websphere-liberty                WebSphere Liberty multi-architecture images …   290       [OK]
ubuntu-upstart                   DEPRECATED, as is Upstart (find other proces…   112       [OK]
neurodebian                      NeuroDebian provides neuroscience research s…   96        [OK]
ubuntu/nginx                     Nginx, a high-performance reverse proxy & we…   65
open-liberty                     Open Liberty multi-architecture images based…   56        [OK]
ubuntu-debootstrap               DEPRECATED; use "ubuntu" instead                49        [OK]

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