Install Bartib on Ubuntu 24.04

Install Bartib on Ubuntu 24.04

Bartib is a user-friendly time tracking tool for the command line that logs all tracked activities in a plaintext file and enables the creation of flexible reports. This tutorial demonstrates how to install Bartib on Ubuntu 24.04.

Install Bartib

Download the latest tar.xz file from the releases page of the Bartib repository:

wget -qO bartib.tar.xz

Extract executable to /usr/local/bin directory:

sudo tar xf bartib.tar.xz --strip-components=1 -C /usr/local/bin bartib-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/bartib

Execute the command to check the Bartib version:

bartib --version

Delete the file that is no longer needed:

rm -rf bartib.tar.xz

Testing Bartib

To start tracking a task, use the start command. Specify the task description and the project it belongs to. For example:

bartib -f tasks.txt start -d "Urgent Task A" -p "My Project"

To stop tracking the current task, use the stop command. For example:

bartib -f tasks.txt stop

To list all tasks tracked today, use the list command with the --today option:

bartib -f tasks.txt list --today


Started Stopped Description   Project    Duration
04:12   04:13   Urgent Task A My Project 01m 

Uninstall Bartib

To remove Bartib, delete the related file:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/bartib

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